Production department management system

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publisher: Flora
Time: 2018-10-06
Summary: The general situation of the company's factory is introduced, reflecting the production capacity, work efficiency and the degree of specialization of the production line.

Production department management system

Production department management system

1. The various technical documents used by the production department shall be compiled by the project engineer and relevant personnel of the technical development department. Audited by the production and quality inspection department, and after the approval of the company's chief executive. It is the basic basis for guiding production operations.

2. The quality document executed by the production department shall be written by the quality inspection department and executed after the approval of the head of the company. The compilation of product quality documents should refer to the relevant national, ministerial and provincial technical standards, as well as the highest standards of domestic and foreign counterparts. The quality document that has been approved is the basis of product quality inspection.

3. The director of the factory and the supervisors of each workshop are responsible for the production organization, progress coordination and quality supervision of all products. The supervisor of each group is the first person responsible for the quality of the products in each process and is directly responsible for the quality of the products in the whole group. The director of production is the first person responsible for the quality of the whole product.

4. Production processes are mainly divided into preparatory process, assembly process and testing process. The preparation procedure refers to the preparation of qualified raw materials, outsourced parts, purchased parts, etc. which can flow into the assembly process according to the requirements of the technical documents. The purchasing group and the warehouse management are responsible for the preparation. Assembly process refers to assembling all kinds of raw materials and outsourced parts into qualified products that meet product quality requirements, and the production and assembly team is responsible for it. Inspection process refers to adjusting the technical parameters of the product to meet the quality inspection requirements according to the relevant technical requirements, and the production commissioning team is responsible for it.

5. All production operations of production personnel must be carried out according to production procedures. The production personnel should strictly follow the technical requirements of the technical documents, and do a good job in product quality. When quality problems occur, the responsibility of the person in charge and the leader in charge should be investigated, and the quality of production should be included in the personal and departmental assessment.

6. Each workshop supervisor assigns production tasks according to the company's production plan according to his position and capability.

7. The head of each workshop can adjust the productivity according to the completion of the tasks of each production group. The communication between each production group should be strengthened to ensure the smooth completion of the production tasks.

8. Producers shall conduct production operations according to the production process and process quality requirements. When the first process is completed, they shall promptly self-examine themselves, apply to the quality inspector for the completion of the inspection, and then pass the inspection before flowing into the next process.

9. The sales department is responsible for arranging product packaging and handling. Quality inspectors, workshop supervisors, production team leaders and relevant personnel of the shipping office should supervise and inspect the whole process of product packaging. No quality problems are allowed. The quality inspectors, supervisors and responsible persons should be held responsible for human quality accidents.