Mid-autumn Festival

From: The company's internal
publisher: May
Time: 2018-10-05
Summary: The Mid-Autumn festival is coming, the company has prepared the Mid-Autumn gifts and barbecue activities for the employees.

Mid-autumn Festival

In the day of lunar calender of 15th, August, whole staff of Bihui Lighting was get together and celebrated the greatful Mid-autumn festival.

Mid-autumn festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. It implied the meaning of reunion with family and friends. What made us meet each other in Bihui is the lot, all of us are lucky guys to know each other in this lovely family! We spent a wonderful night in an Ecological farm, where we can enjoy ourselves in attractive barbecue, gently moonlight and brilliant firework. Bihui is like a big family.

At that joyful moment, we get closer. The moon is so charming, with the soft moonlight. The BBC went successful with the accompany with the beer, red wine. All the things went smoothly and didnt lost the feeling tone. The most highlight is the gorgeous firework. The multicolored firework reflect to the sky, the light shine on our faces. What a great moment!

As staff in Bihui, we are not only working in here, we are more like living here. I am grad and feel luck to join in Bihui! She make me feel happy even though I am working here! Thanks!

Welcome to visit us, welcome to join us! Every our friend!

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